Modern LifeEdge – World’s Slimmest Bathroom Suite

Transform your sanctuary with the minimalistic magic of ModernLife EDGE™. Discover the contemporary aesthetics and ergonomic comfort of specially designed seat and splash free vessel, as you experience the unmatched hygiene of true rimless design.


Edge of Design

Discover the luxurious blend of contemporary aesthetics with ergonomic comfort, thanks to a specially designed seat and splash free vessel.

Edge of Hygiene

Experience the soothing rimless design that adds elegance and style to your bathroom. Superior rim-free design with bigger bowl ensures ease of cleaning.

Edge of Endurance

Built to be 50% stronger, with higher chip resistance than normal ceramic

Edge of Precision

XTR Xtra Thin Rim enabling thinnest aesthetic with 15 mm bowl edge thickness and 7 mm vessel edge thickness.

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