The Veil® Collection

Find Peace of Mind and Body.
The Veil Collection is a contemporary bathroom suite that includes sinks, freestanding bath, toilets and more. Each unique piece uses organic shapes to create a minimalist design that feels warm and inviting enough to impart meaning into everyday moments.

Whether you’re taking a luxurious bath or completing your skincare routine, every aspect of the collection allows you to focus on mindfulness to either prepare for the day ahead or unwind into your evening.

Inspired by You

Inspired by the way fabric drapes on the curves of the human body, a new manufacturing process allows the Veil collection to have more curves and a thinner structure than ever before. These pieces push the boundaries of contemporary design and use new asymmetric shapes to create meaning in your space and, ultimately, your life.

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Comfortably Modern

Enjoy the deeply relaxing ergonomics of the Veil collection just waiting to elevate your well-being. No detail is too small to have been expertly designed, so you’ll feel more relaxed than ever before.


Ergonomically designed to feel sculpted to your body, elements such as the sloped lumbar support in the Veil freestanding bath epitomize the unique comfort of each piece.


Technology like dual flushing and heated seats has been intelligently integrated into the wall-hung toilet in order to elevate your routine without disrupting the pared down aesthetic.


Groundbreaking Supramic technology provides superior strength and ultra-thin edge profiles, so each Veil piece has unique shapes and curves that were ultrathin impossible.


Find more meaning in each moment by personalizing your sink. Choose from four calming colors that allow your space to come to life.

Set the Modern Mood

The pieces of the Veil collection can serve as the focal point of any bathroom, but are equally as refined when blended in with other contemporary design elements.


Discover how to incorporate and personalize the pieces of the Veil collection to turn your bathroom into a modern space that brings mindfulness to the forefront.


Discover how to incorporate the pieces of the Veil collection into a modern design that elevates your well-being.