Aleo couverture

What is timeless design and why users love everything that is timeless

Is it the texture? The tones? Or is timeless something that can’t be seen? At Kohler, we approached designers & developers with these questions and received amazing insights. Timeless designs are the designs that stand the test of time while also being adaptive to changing times.

In the context of kitchen and bathroom spaces, timeless design is based on shapes, form, surface textures, layouts, fixtures and technology, choice of materials, craftsmanship, finish and the overall aesthetic. And of course, the material has to be durable to survive ages! That’s where Kohler comes in! It is no secret that a user’s state of mind and personality play a crucial role in determining the design choices they make. Most people would want their physical surroundings to reflect their persona. Thus, a timeless design extends beyond the latest trends and should offer a feeling of familiarity and comfort.

Which products do you think will stand
the test of time?

Aleo couverture

Creating timeless designs effectively means making spaces wherein the moment one walks in, they feel at home and safe. Kohler’s designs, such as the Kohler Components® in Brushed Moderne Brass infuses character and depth. Visit the Kohler@Home “Defying Trend Cycles Through Timeless Designs” session to further explore these insights and the products that support a timeless design.

Cast Iron Sinks


Warm Finishes such as matte black & brass


Bidets and intelligent toilets


Wall-mounted vanities


Walk-in baths