In the words of Theodore Levitt, creativity is all about thinking up novel things, while innovation stands for doing original things! On similar lines, Kohler brought up an opportunity for art enthusiasts and creative talents to showcase their skills and imagination by superimposing creativity and innovation in its Bold Design Challenge. Kohler believes that a design or an idea, in its rawest form, can find its inspiration in the simplest of matters or processes. It can be either the colour of a Golden Oriole or even an oracle which you hear accidentally. It can be the simplest of an event or the rarest of happenings! And The Bold Design Challenge sought to bring forth these reflections and these creative perspectives and placed the spotlight on them.

Kohler aims to bring diverse imaginations and ideas, representing diverse cultures, backgrounds, and creative minds. Its primary objective is to discover uniqueness from the creative roots of humanity, the source which is fruitful enough but rarely used. The 3Cs of the Bold Design Challenge that highlights its aim, objective, and purpose are:

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Collection and usage of sources to make something happen to determine how efficient the result will be. Similarly, an image needs a medium to enter into this materialistic world and choosing the swiftest medium would take you an inch closer to winning.


To sharpen your creative tools and your imagination needs shape, every idea requires a plan to execute and creating and making that is the first and most crucial step. The result depends on how you manage it. What matters is not that you have a pebble and the other person has a stone; the challenge lies in the amalgamation of the two to give birth to innovation.

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The final process of bringing in something new, innovating, and giving your thoughts; the finishing makes the process sound.

Kohler Bold Design Challenge required participants to create, constitute, and finally Convert their ideas, imaginations, and thoughts into an actual and artistic reality.

Kohler harbours all sorts of expectations from the brilliant minds of today's folks who, with their skills, can create, construct and convert their perspectives and their designs in the unique and vivid form of art. With its Bold Design Challenges, Kohler aimed to showcase the excellent view of life and implicate or apply them in their working space and make them more lively, more of your own, more relatable and simply unique.

A considerable number of participants made the Bold Design Challenge a success. Kohler is all about making your space beautiful. Because - Art is what you express; it's just premium!

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